Fear? Anxiety? Phobia?

Imagine this. A life free from stress and anxiety, brimming with energy to do the things you enjoy and to relish the experiences that make you happy - a well-balanced existence unhinged by the past and in harmony with the future.

Through various methods and techniques structured to provide physical and emotional support, I help to release fears - fear of flying, of heights, spiders, frogs, heal from claustrophobia or the fear for one's health and life.

For most of my clients it comes down to better handling not having control, increased feeling of being good enough and being loved, forgiving oneself and others for past events and transforming limitting beliefs into positive ones.

I work remotely or in my clinic in Copenhagen, Denmark. In English, Danish, French or Spanish.

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Physical pain?

Even though you might have conditioned yourself to accept allergies or physical pain as an inconvenient reality of life, there is still hope for a life free from them!

Get the chance to rid yourself of headaches, migraines, digestive or back problems, discomfort through pregnancy (such as tiredness, nausea, edema, allergies, muscles pain, cystitis).

Using techniques such as Reflexology, Massage and/or Ear Acupuncture, if coming physically to my clinic in Copenhagen. Or with EFT-Tapping, Meditation, Intuition, Healing and Energetic work.

I work remotely with clients around the world, through the phone, Zoom or other media. I also see clients in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sessions can be in English, Danish, French or Spanish

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Mada Plesner

I work remotely with clients around the world, through the phone or an online media. I also see clients in Denmark (in Copenhagen on Wednesdays).

Sessions can be in English, Danish, French or Spanish.

I also work in companies several days a week, giving massage and reflexology treatments.

Professional help for your body and mind

I am passionate about helping people resolve the issues that keep them from living the life they want, whether these are physical or emotional challenges.

I am a professional practitioner skilled with techniques that I have learned over 15 years and practiced with clients since 2014. I can show you how it works through a discovery session of 1 hour for 375 DKK / 49 Euro / 63 US$.

Clients often tell that my special gift is to be very present, meeting them where they are without judgement, in a trusting atmosphere. They appreciate learning relevant tools, easily applicable in everyday life. I guide them to move forward in solving their challenges and heal through acceptance, love and forgiveness.

Start your journey of healing by calling +45 31515158 to schedule an appointment or booking your session online directly.

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Methods I Use

Reflexologist - with diploma recognised by the Danish State: RAB godkendt (Registreret Alternativ Behandler). Giving in Denmark access to subventions for reflexology and ear acupuncture treatments if you are entitled to them, for example from Danmark Sygesikring or Mølholm Forsikring.

Also giving Massage and Ear Acupuncture.

Certified practitioner in EFT-Tapping Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting. I am a Mindfulness instructor and use other techniques such as intuitive coaching, healing and energy work, breathing and meditations.


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