Treatments of the Mind

I believe that we all have the best answers to our problems in ourselves. So I guide my clients through meditation, breathing, specific questions and methods to get into contact with their own inner wisdom, with their body and intuition, and shortly disconnect from the brain.

I am appreciated by my clients for working in an atmosphere of acceptance, trust and compassion, free from judgement.

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique: Reduce the intensity of your emotions in a very easy and quick manner. It is also a technique easy to learn and use on your own when your feelings become overwhelming.

Matrix Reimprinting: Change the perception of your past, your physical and emotional health. Get free from your past, identify and release your triggers, and live the life that you want today.

Mindfulness: Learn to live with focus on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations. I use meditation, breathing and tapping to reduce the intensity of strong emotions, help accept what is in the present moment, and gain clarity and confidence for the future.


Treatments of the Body

I like using gentle and efficient techniques to clear and relax the body and mind, remove pain and help achieving inner peace. I work with energies, using the knowledge I have gathered in several disciplines over the years, intuitively helping the body back to its natural state of health, both physically and mentally.

Massage: I adapt the type of massage and strength to the client needs and wishes, choosing between physiological massage (DK-fysiurgisk massage), wellness and relaxation massage.

Reflexology: health analysis according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, including oriental diagnosis and nutrition advices: Reflexology is given either as treatment of a disease, as prevention or general wellness. The treatment is a form of pressure on the feet, which help cleansing the body, its tissue and organs, and come back to natural balance.

Ear acupuncture: Based on the principle that the body has a microsystem in the ear, I activate various organs and body parts to obtain the desire effect, either reducing pain or infections, or increasing the effect of a reflexology treatment.


I have had many sessions with Mada, both massage and Matrix Reimprinting. Mada is very good at combining her treatments and shaping them to suit the individual problem. I feel safe with Mada and it is easy for me to trust her. Thank you Mada. - Suzanne Jensen, Denmark

I can warmly recommend to visit Mada. I used Mada for nausea during pregnancy, when my 5-year old daughter was having unexplained stomach pain and to prepare mentally for giving birth with visualizations and healing of previous trauma from childbirth. It has been a healing experience for me. Mada has a good intuition, a wide knowledge and is very present. Which made me feel safe and thus helped me to easily work on feelings and traumas, and get my body back to balance again.

Translated from: "Jeg kan varmt anbefale jer at besøge Mada. Jeg har brugt Mada ved kvalme under graviditet, når min datter på 5 år har uforklarlige mavesmerter og til at forberede mig mentalt på fødsel ved bl.a. visualisering og bearbejdelse af tidligere fødselstraumer. Det har for mig været en healende oplevelse. Mada har en god intuition, en bred viden og er meget nærværende. Hvilket gør mig tryk og derved har det været nemt at bearbejde følelser og traumer og få kroppen i balance igen." Maja Gerdes, Borup

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