I get praise from clients and colleagues for giving good massages, having nice hands, applying the right pressure (good and varied) to the right spots, with a natural flow - In addition to being seen as a smiling, service-minded, empathic and adaptive practitioner.

I adapt the type of massage according to the client needs and wishes, choosing between and combining the several techniques of massage that I am trained in. Here is a description of the main two techniques I use.

Deep tissue massage / Physiological massage (DK - Fysiurgisk massage / Dybgående massage)

Probably the most used professional massage technique in Denmark, which I offer in companies several days a week. In addition to the classic massage (see below), I add Deep tissue massage techniques and Trigger points therapy with slow friction and deep-finger pressure on areas of the body that are dealing with chronic muscle tension, aches, or pain. I adapt the pressure to the clients wishes and needs.

I often help with pain in the back, shoulders or neck, with elbow issues (known as tennis or golf elbow), with headaches or migraine, and with sciatic nerve pain. Physiological massage is one of the techniques that can help with both healing and prevention of:

  • loosen up tensed muscles
  • increase blood circulation
  • help with headaches due to muscular tensions
  • help with pain in the back, shoulders or neck
  • increase general wellness
  • help relaxing and reducing stress

Classic wellness and relaxation Massage (also called Swedish massage)

For deep relaxation, general wellness and healing.

Using effleurage (sliding or gliding), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), friction (cross fiber) and vibration/shaking.

Give yourself a luxurious treat!



I get regularly positive feedback such as "You are really good!", "You have good hands" from giving massages in companies.

"Kan på det varmeste anbefale Mada. Hun er en fantastisk massør!" = I can highly recommend Mada. She is a fantastic masseur!

"Det har været en fantastisk behandling som jeg fik fra Mada. Tak." = It was a fantastic treatment I got from Mada

" Jeg er fuldt ud tilfreds, Mada virker rigtig sød og kompetent." = I am totally satisfied. Mada seems really nice and competent.

" Jeg var meget tilfreds med behandlingen i går. Det vil være rart, hvis Mada bliver afløser herude igen – eller som fast behandler." = I was very satisfied with the treatment yesterday. It would be nice if Mada comes here again, as a substitute or permanent.

"I have had many sessions with Mada, both massage and Matrix Reimprinting. Mada is very good at combining her treatments and shaping them to suit the individual problem. I feel safe with Mada and it is easy for me to trust her. Thank you Mada." Suzanne Jensen, Copenhagen.

"Tusind tak, Mada, for den udsøgt, dejlige massage behandling jeg fik hos dig! Jeg følte mig virkelig i 'gode hænder' hele vejen igennem. Bagefter følte jeg mig rigtig godt tilpas, både i krop og sind. Jeg synes, at du er knald dygtig og jeg glæder mig allerede til næste gang." Susan Andersen, Copenhagen.