Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting

Change the perception of your past, your physical and emotional health.
Matrix Reimprinting is very effective in resolving traumatic memories in a soft manner. At the same time changing the related negative beliefs connected to these memories. By doing so, a vast array of Physical and Psychological symptoms can be alleviated.

I like using Matrix Reimprinting as a quick way to dig into the subconscious reasons for an issue, and resolving them in a smooth and disassociated way - i.e. keeping an emotional distance to the possible original traumatic event.

I like guiding clients to find their own root cause and associations, following their intuition to find and resolve the past events. It is like "lapping the wholes" in our past for no longer getting triggered in the future!


Enjoying both presence and efficiency, which I experience is helping both my mind and body. =  Translated from "Nyder både nærværet og effektiviteten, som jeg oplever er givende både psykisk og fysisk." - Sekita, Denmark

"I trusted Mada from the first minute our one hour journey started [over skype]. She guided me directly to the source of my problems and stood by me every step of the way, giving me great and useful tools to handle them. It was a great coaching! I am feeling relieved and I am now able to see this past challenges from a different point of view! Thank you Mada, I am very grateful!" Astrid Kent, Austria

Jeg kan på det varmeste anbefale Mada som behandler. Mada er meget nærværende, rolig og kærlig, og man føler sig helt tryg i hendes hænder. Jeg oplevede en fin heling af gamle sår under behandlingen og gik glad og opløftet derfra.   = Translation: "I can warmly recommend Mada as a practitioner. Mada is very present, calm and loving, and one feels safe in her hands. I experienced fine healing of an old wound during the session, and I left happy and uplifted."  Pernille, Denmark