Mindfulness & Intuitive Coaching

For me Mindfulness means living with focus on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations.

I have discovered Mindfulness through Vipassana practice in Thailand under a 10-day silence retreat. It was so simple (focusing on my breath) and yet I got such an a-ha experience! I had never realised that I had underlying tensions and anxiety in my body until experiencing not having them anymore! After the retreat I was transformed. I felt confident in myself and the world, accepting myself and knowing that I was enough just the way I was and that everything was going to be all right no matter what. I no longer experienced drama in life, the situations in which I would previously have been upset or worried no longer affected me this intensely. I have remained in this state of confidence for a couple of months, maintaining it with a daily practice of 30-min Vipassana meditation. Since then I have been searching for this state of confidence, for feeling this way both in meditation retreats, in daily practice, in modern psychology techniques and body exercices. Later in Denmark I have officially become a Mindfulness Instructor, which for me was mostly about learning techniques to teach what I already believed in and lived by the best I could.

I believe and have experience that we are all connected, we are all energy on Earth. The best way I have experienced to find inner peace is through accepting and compassionately loving myself and my environment, through expanding to connect with all and one, through feeling gratitude for small and big things in life.

In most of the sessions with me, wether online or in the same room, I will start guiding you through a gentle and powerfull meditation to connect with your body and ground yourself, and to connect to the feelings of gratitude. The session will then evolve to the requested subject.

As a certified Mindfulness Instructor, I can also guide you through exercises that shall rather easily bring Mindfulness into practice in your daily life.


"I started sessions with Mada ten months ago whereby we would meet through Skype every few weeks. We usually practice meditation, EFT tapping, Matrix Reimprinting and other highly effective healing methods. I was initially sceptic starting out as I was neither familiar with her techniques nor confident that meeting through Skype would prove effective, but it turned out to be exactly what I needed. These sessions broadened my horizons, enabling me to explore new ways of thinking. To this day, I always end my sessions with Mada with a sensation of relaxation and optimism. Mada is passionate about her job. She is patient, sensitive, intelligent and she never runs short of ideas to help you find solutions. If you would like to try new ways of finding inner harmony and getting in touch with your true self, then Mada is the perfect therapist for you." Samar Azar, Paris.

"Mada has this special gift on guiding us where do we need to go, diving on our deep feelings and thoughts and finding what we are looking for inside our hearts.
It was an emotional and healing session. Her voice is calm, warmth and peaceful so we could easily tune in her beautiful meditation practice and angel guidance.
Felt so good after her caring and gentle session and know that she helped me with some serious issues.
Thank you so much, Mada Plesner! " - Claudia, Portugal