Reflexology = Zoneterapi

Reflexology is given either as general wellness, prevention or treatment of a disease. The treatment is a form of pressure on the feet, which help cleansing the body, its tissue and organs, and come back to natural balance. My technique is gentle and efficient, giving the right pressure for getting an effect without stimulating unnecessary pain.

Some of the commonly known effects of reflexology treatments are:

  • Get more energy and balance in your body
  • Help your body to heal itself
  • General wellness
  • Prevention with regular care
  • Cleansing and detox
  • In treatment for digestive issues, low immune system, headaches and migraines, stress and depression, allergy, astma, blod pressure, reduce pain
  • Help pregnant women with discomfort through pregnancy (such as tiredness, nausea, edema, allergies, muscles pain, cystitis).
  • Help babies with colics or sleeping issues
  • Help children with otitis and more generally pain in their ears, in their stomach or when growing

Reflexology is one of the most reknown and accepted alternative treatment in Denmark, and I am registered as alternative practitioner in Reflexology by the Danish State under the system "RAB godkendelse" (Registreret Alternative Behandler).

The body is mirrored under our feet, hands, ears, face and stomach. It means in practice that there are reflexe-zones under the feet that correspond to different organs and part of the body.  With a combination of different pressure techniques, I help the body to clean these organs and remove the toxins that impid our body to function harmoniously. The protocol I use is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine, including the 5 elements theory and the Meridians. I can conduct a health analysis based on these principles in order to go beyond the symptoms and get an understanding of where the disharmony of the body comes from and help the body to regain its natural harmony and function.

I am also educated to give Nutrition advices.

There can be several effects from getting a treatment, which show that the treatment has had the desired effect of cleansing.

Clients usually feel the effect of the treatment already after the first time. However, the longer one has had symptoms, the longer it will probably take to remove them. As a general rule 3-5 treatments might be needed to help with a specific issue.



"Tak for helt fantastisk behandling! Jeg lider pt af smerter fra en nylig skade i skulderen - frakturer plus skader på muskler og ledbånd. Under behandlingen med akupunktur og zoneterapi kunne jeg mærke varmen brede sig i min skulder og arm, og musklerne slappede af. Det var utroligt at gå der fra smertefri og afslappet. Tak Mada!" Lisette Townsend, Borup, DK = Thank you for a fantastic treatment! I have pain from a new injury in my shoulder - fractures plus damage to the muscles and ligaments. During the treatment with [Ear] acupuncture and reflexology I could feel the heat spreading in my shoulder and arm, and the muscles relaxing. It was amazing to leave from there without pain and relaxed. Thank you Mada!

"Det var ikke mindre end fantastisk!" = It wasn't less than fantastic!

"Det har været en fantastisk behandling [med zoneterapi] som jeg fik fra Mada. Tak." = I got a fantastic reflexology treatment from Mada. Thank you.