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  • Discovery: Try a treatment at an amazingly low price!
    • 1 Intro session of 1-hour: ........  375 kr / 49 € / 63 $

Online booking or Call me for booking by phone at Tel. +45 31515158

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No workshop planned at the moment.
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Treatments for the Mind

Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Life Crisis

with EFT Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, Mindfulness and Intuitive coaching

1 x 1-hour session: 950 kr / 125 € / 140 $
Save 10% with 3 sessions
3 x 1-hour sessions: 2600 kr / 350 € / 390 $
(= 867 kr pr session)
Save 20% with 5 sessions
5 x 1-hour sessions: 3800 kr / 500 € / 570 $
(= 760 kr pr session)

Treatments for the Body

Physical pain

with Massage, Reflexology, Ear Acupuncture, Healing

1 x 1-hour treatment: 625 kr
Save 10% with 4 treatments
4 x 1-hour treatments: 2200 kr (=550 kr pr treatment)
Save 20% with 10 treatments
10 x 1-hour treatments: 5000 kr (=500 kr pr treatment)

De-Luxe Treatments

Combine both

a psychological insight with its integration to your body for a deeper and long-lasting effect!

1 x 2-hour session: 1300 kr
Save 10% with 3 sessions
3 x 2-hour sessions: 3510 kr
(= 1170 kr pr session)
Buy 5, pay for 4 = 1 free session!
5 x 2-hour sessions: 5200 kr
(= 1040 kr pr session)

When buying a package with more than 1 session, the package can be shared with other people (with family and friends).

Gift Voucher

Treat your family and friends to a treatment of their choice. Call me at Tel. 31515158 to arrange the purchase and issue of the gift voucher.


With online booking, payment is made at the time of booking.

With booking by phone, it is possible to pay in Denmark with Mobile Pay (number 78426) or cash, and outside of Denmark with Paypal.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly at +45 31515158 or Skype: mada.plesner or by e-mail at   for any question regarding booking or payment.

Appointments can be cancelled until 24h before the agreed time without charge.

All prices in Kr are in DKK, and prices in $ are in US$.

Danmark Sygesikring and other medical insurances in Denmark can give subventions for reflexology treatments in Denmark when the conditions for a subvention are met.

Online booking for sessions in Copenhagen or Skype/Phone/Messenger/Zoom

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