There is currently no workshop planned

Previously held workshops:

Introduction to EFT-Tapping in June and August 2017

2 hours. Get inspired on how you could handle stress, anxiety, a phobia, an allergy, physical or emotional pain. Get introduced to EFT Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping and get a sense of what it could help you with.

"Loving Me, Loving You" workshop in August 2017

1 or 2 days. Get into contact with the being of loving kindness within you, feel it towards yourself and spread it in the world. Get into healthy habits that will support nourishing your self-esteem and self-confidence. Get centered, relaxed and loving, in harmony with yourself. With techniques such as guided meditations and mindfulness exercises, Shamanic journeys, EFT Tapping, Shadow work, the 5 Tibetans, positive affirmations and energy work.

Inner Journey Workshop in July 2017

Together with Marcello Real. 1 or 2 days.

Inner Journey Workshop in November 2017

Together with Marcello Real and Aiste Venskune. 1 or 2 days. Stress Resilience and Self-Empowerment training. Focusing on increasing our physical and mental strengths, deepening our emotional intelligence and nourishing our souls. Using techniques such as Reconnective Yoga, Therapeutical Sound Journey with gongs, Guided meditations, Mindfulness exercises, EFT-tapping, Points of You ®