I enjoy proactively helping clients to resolve the issues that keep them from living the life they want, whether facing physical or emotional challenges. With great competence, I customize the treatment for the client's needs. The main tools I use are EFT-tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, Meditation, Massage, Reflexology, and various healing techniques.

I have practiced with clients since September 2014 and opened my own clinic in May 2016. I also offer sessions worldwide by phone or using online medias. Sessions can be in English, Danish, French or Spanish.

I also work in companies in Denmark several days a week since January 2018, offering Massage and Reflexology.

I am French and Lebanese, and have lived in Denmark since 2000. I love being with my 2 daughters, and with our dog, cats and horse. I travelled the world, lived in several countries (France, Spain, Lebanon, Syria, Thailand, Denmark) and I really enjoy blending among people from different cultures. I have a passion for learning and for further exploring the fields of self-development, healing and alternative holistic medicine.

I graduated from EMLyon Business School (France) and Copenhagen Business School (Denmark) with 2 Master degrees in Business and Management in 2001. While working in private and public companies for over 15 years in Denmark (Novo Nordisk, UNICEF, Air France, Faxe Kalk-Lhoist), I have taken a plethora of courses and trainings in self-development, communication and various healing techniques (see the list below for all the courses). I graduated in January 2016 in Reflexology from ZCD Zoneconnection Denmark with a diploma recognised by the Danish State (RAB Godkendt, Registreret Alternativ Behandler), giving access to subventions from private insurances in Denmark (such as "Danmark Sygesikring").

I am part of a group of practitioners called "Klinik Mitra" who share the same address in Frederiksberg. I am also part of the association ZCT Zonneconnection Terapeut forening and the worldwide association for Matrix Reimprinting practitioners.


Extensive list of my education

Lengthy studies

  • Reflexology practitioner (Zoneterapeut) from ZCD Zoneconnection Danmark - Recognised by the Danish State (RAB godkendt). 2,5 year education in Reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine (incl. Meridians, 5 elements, organ clock and oriental diagnostic techniques), Biopathy, Psychology, Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, Ear acupuncture, Qi Gong and First Aid course.
  • Massage
  • EFT practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique (level 1, 2, 3 and EFT Children)
  • Matrix Reimprinting practioner by Karl Dawson
  • Mindfulness Instructor (several Vipassana retreats and an instructor course)
  • Non Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg


  •  Access Consciousness: BARS and the Body Process for Anxiety
  • The "Love and above" and the "Abundance" courses by Christie Marie Sheldon
  • The "Animal Communication" course by Pea Horsley
  • Reiki I and II, and other courses in healing, spirituality and energy work
  • The "Uncompromised life" and "Perfect Weight Forever" programs with self-hypnose by Marisa Peer
  • The "Shadow Process" and "Blueprint Coaching" by Debbie Ford
  • META-Health introduction level
  • Neurobiology from Chicago University
  • Leadership in practice, Time management by Stephen Covy, Stress management

Academic education

  • Master degree in Economics and Business Administration from CBS Copenhagen Business School
  • Master degree in General Management from EMLyon (ESC Lyon - Ecole Superieur de Commerce de Lyon)
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