Fears, Anxiety, Phobias

Fear of flying
Fear of heights
Fear of water
Fear of animals (spiders, dogs, etc)
Fear of disease or death
Panic attacks


"A friend of mine recommended  me to Mada after my first anxiety attack in a plane. Before my first session I have never tried EFT technique. Mada was very professional and made sure I felt at ease in her company. After four sessions I was ready to get back on a flight and I have not experienced any attack since. Mada also taught me how to tap on myself, which I use now and then. I can highly recommend Mada for anyone curious about EFT."

"I am very happy because I was flying this week-end with my husband, 2 planes each way. And it went VERY well despite turbulence and the fact that I knew our children at home without us. I was very happy, relieved and, I must admit, a little suprised at travelling so calmly!"

"This year I had an ambitious project: flying on a plane again after several years without being able to do so. I have had regular calls with Mada on Skype. She helped understand what my blocks were, where they came from. It was essential for progress. Thanks to her easy way, without judgement (and her lovely laugh), I felt comfortable talking about it. She has also explained how to deal with my emotions, how to welcome them, handle them and accept them. We have practiced together several techniques to integrate them and prepare for the big day.
Skype is very practical and doesn't spoil the quality of the contact (I was a little skeptical before trying). There's a big advantage in not wasting time in commuting.
I also want to thanks Mada for having listened the days I needed to talk about other subjects, as days can be different and complicated… Mada is a professional that takes her work seriously. She is respectful and committed. She loves what she does and you can feel it.
On the big day I managed to fly on the plane. I did it and it went rather well. I've been through many emotions and sensations, and I was able to deal with them thanks to this work. Mada has even called me on the big day to encourage me.
I recommend Mada with closed eyes and I can't wait to also get massage and reflexology treatments."